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  • Fully Responsive

    Our payment pages and administration tools fully adapt to all screen sizes

  • Easy installation

    Simplicity and security are the main concerns of our users. In just a few lines you will be able to monetize your site.

  • Simple & clean

    A payment solution must be efficient, clear and simple for the users

  • Support & advice

    With Yops, take advantage of a quality support and advisers who will help you each month to define new objectives for your site to grow. Our Payment Managers will guide you through increasing your sales.

  • Worldwide

    Yops, c'est plus de 185 pays et 400 solutions de paiement. Enjoy !

  • Payments every week

    At Yops we like consistency. You will receive your payments once, twice or 4 times per month, for all the countries that you have monetized.

Our payment page

We made it simple

Pourquoi afficher 400 solutions de paiement dans une pop-up de paiement ? Est-ce utile d'afficher 185 drapeaux alors que votre client est dans un seul pays ? Why display a big insert that doesn’t adapt to your page when a simple button is all you need? We´ve put a lot of thoughts into it and we offer you the Yops box - an ultra-optimized payment page, simple and readable, accessible at the touch one single button. Try it now!

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Our benefits

Present in 49 countries, with more than 100 payment solutions
We have chosen the best payment solutions in each country.
Check your statistics real time at any moment of the day, and on any chosen medium.
Yops tests your conversion real time, in order to provide the solution that converts best.
YopBox remembers your users´ favorite payment methods, it optimizes the display of payment solutions, and much more too.
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Select a country :


# Country Billing solution Price Rentabiliweb Hipay Starpass Monelib Yops payout Customer benefits
International Credit Card 1,8 0,60 EUR - - 0,62 EUR 3,3%
International Credit Card 2 1,22 EUR 1,20 EUR 1,30 EUR 1,32 EUR 1,5%
International Credit Card 3 1,83 EUR 1,80 EUR 1,90 EUR 1,92 EUR 1,1%
International Credit Card 4 2,94 EUR - 2,60 EUR 2,96 EUR 0,7%
International Credit Card 5 3,68 EUR 3,00 EUR 3,24 EUR 3,70 EUR 0,5%
International Credit Card 2,5 1,53 EUR - 1,55 EUR 1,57 EUR 1,3%
International Credit Card 10 7,36 EUR 6,02 EUR 6,69 EUR 7,38 EUR 0,3%
International Credit Card 6 4,41 EUR - 3,89 EUR 4,43 EUR 0,5%
International Credit Card 15 11,04 EUR 9,03 EUR 10,03 EUR 11,06 EUR 0,2%






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